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Sushi in the US
There are many different kinds of sushi in Japan. The most simple is raw fish slices eaten on rice. Today there are many kinds of sushi eaten around the globe. Sushi is popular throughout the United States. It is available in many grocery stores and sushi restaurants are popular. The history of sushi in America can be seen in the California Roll, which contains crabmeat, avocado, and cucumber. Many people in America enjoy sushi because it is considered healthy, but some American concoctions, full of mayonnaise and fried items, are not as healthy as simple Japanese sushi. Traditional Japanese favorites are also available in America. Vegetarian sushi with various vegetables instead of fish is also popular with Americans. Some American sushi restaurants are considered trendy, and there are even kaiten-zushi restaurants in America where sushi moves past diners on a kind of conveyor belt. It is rare for Americans to make sushi at home, although there are sushi cookbooks and websites in English. In 2002, every kindergarten student in the state of Iowa received a copy of Sweet Corn and Sushi, a children’s book that looks at the friendship between the people of Iowa and Yamanashi, Japan.
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