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Two elementary students wearing backpacks, one plad, the other, red.
School Year
  1. Three Term System
  2. School Entrance Ceremonies and Beginning and Ending of the Semester Ceremonies
  3. School Excursions
  4. Student Teachers
  5. High School Baseball
  6. Summer Break
  7. Athletic Festival or Undōkai
  8. Cultural Festivals
  9. Entrance Exam Season
  10. Graduation Ceremony or Sotsugyō Shiki
  11. Class Inspection
  12. Teacher Home Visits
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Class Inspection
In order to maintain a connection between school and home, many schools have a “class visitation” day, when parents and guardians can come to the school and watch the class their child is in. More recently, some schools have a larger “school visitation” where all the classes, lunch and after school activities are all available for visitors to observe. This provides the guardians with a wider perspective on how their children and other children are being taught and how the school itself functions. This is a chance for the parents and guardians to see how the teacher and student are in the school, as compared to the perspectives for the teacher’s visitation to the homes of the students.
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