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Three sumo wrestlers standing in the ring, with formal aprons.
Sports Year
  1. Two National Soccer Tournaments
  2. Ekiden Road Race
  3. Rugby Football Games in Winter
  4. Skiing and Skating
  5. Sumo
  6. Midwinter Training and Traditional Martial Arts
  7. J League Soccer
  8. Mountain-opening and Beach-opening
  9. Fishing
  10. Motor Sports
  11. High School Baseball
  12. National Sports Festival
  13. Japan Baseball Series
  14. Viewing Autumn Leaves and Hiking
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Race cars on a track, some closer together, some trying to get to the front
F1 cars race down the track during a race in Japan.
Photo from the Motorsport Company, Photo by Paul-Henri Cahier.
Motor Sports
Motor sports are very popular in Japan. Car races, and motorcycle races attract many fans. Most enjoy watching races, and some aspire to be professional racers. Japanese automobile and motorcycle companies send their teams to a variety of races, in order to test their latest technologies, and to obtain international recognition of their machines. Formula One (F1) car races are probably the most popular motor sport in Japan. Japanese car companies such as Honda and Toyota have joined F1 races, and several F1 drivers are very famous in Japan. One F1 races is held in Japan every year at Suzuka, and is one of the longest and most challenging tracks on the tour. The Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) road races are also popular for motorcyclists in Japan. Japanese motorcycle companies send official teams to compete, and many Japanese riders perform very well in the races. One MotoGP official race is held in Japan. In addition, there is one unique international motorcycle road race in Japan. The Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Motorcycle Race attracts not only Japanese racers, but also international racers. This race allows amateur motorcycle race teams to enter, so many amateur riders dream of competing in the Suzuka race with professionals.
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