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Tents lit up from the inside with different colors.
Local Festivals
  1. Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.
  2. Wyoming State Fair
  3. South by Southwest Music and Media Festival
  4. Mardi Gras
  5. Native American Pow Wows
  6. Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Minnesota
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Guitar player and other musicians on stage.
Musician Blu Sanders performs at the 2003 South by Southwest music festival.
Photo Courtesy of Victor Yiu.
South by Southwest Music and Media Festival
Thousands of artists from around the world perform during the yearly South by Southwest Music and Media Festival in Austin, Texas. Austin, the self-proclaimed “Music Capital of the World,” hosts thousands of up-and-coming music, film, and web artists during this giant festival every March. During the 2004 festival, over a thousand diverse bands performed and 180 films were shown. The event allows ambitious newcomers to receive exposure and feedback from industry producers, the media, and the public. Hopeful artists submit their music, film, or web project to a committee that chooses which artists will perform in the festival. In 2004, artists from the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and numerous European countries were chosen to perform for thousands of spectators. Many artists leave Austin with record and film contracts and attention from the press. But most importantly, South by Southwest is a celebration for independent artists from around the world.
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