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A pen lying on top of income tax forms.
Work Year
  1. Daylight Savings Time
  2. Income Tax Day (April 15)
  3. Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  4. Secretary’s Day (Last Wednesday in April)
  5. National Boss Day (October 16)
  6. Office Christmas Parties
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A group of young people posing in an office
These children were part of a "Take Your Children to Work Day" at Aetna.
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Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is a day originally created to give more direct attention to girls and to show them the range of career opportunities available to them. It also provided them the chance to see their mothers (or fathers) at work. Today, the day addresses the larger goal of encouraging careers in balance with family responsibilities. The day was started by the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993 in response to research that showed that pre-teen and teenage girls received less attention than boys their age. Mothers, fathers, or other adult role models take girls to work for one full work day, giving them the chance to observe a job up close. The day is held on the fourth Thursday in April. The idea has been very popular. After some people complained that boys should be allowed the same opportunity, the name of the day was changed. It is now officially known as Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
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