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  1. United States Peace Corps
  2. United States Peace Corps
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  4. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  5. Recycling
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girl scouts with flag
American Girl Scouts march in a parade with a folded US flag.
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Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Millions of American children are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Through a variety of activities, scouts learn how to be patriotic, responsible, and ethical members of society. The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910. The Girl Scouts of America was founded just two years later in 1912. Both organizations teach children and teenagers life lessons through hands-on activities like camping and community service. Camps provide Scouts with a wide range of skills including wilderness survival, self-defense, arts and crafts, and first aid. Many communities rely on scouts for their volunteer service. Scouts across the country improve community roads, school grounds, and hiking trails. Scouts also beautify cities by planting trees and picking up litter. Americans across the country look forward to the annual Girl Scout cookie sale. Over 80 years ago, Girl Scouts baked and sold cookies to raise money for Girl Scout troops. Today, the tradition continues and millions of boxes of tasty Girl Scout cookies are sold each year.
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