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Dr. Martin Luther King standing on porch.
The Red Cross holds blood drives on a regular basis. This 1975 poster with Dr. Martin Luther King encourages people to donate blood.
Photo courtesy of the American Red Cross.
Non-Profit Organizations
Many non-profit organizations exist in the United States. These organizations rely on donations from individuals and businesses. The American Red Cross is a very well-known non-profit organization. It assists thousands of Americans every year, helping people who need assistance as a result of emergencies like earthquakes, flooding, and home fires. The American Red Cross provides financial assistance and necessities like clothing and food to needy Americans. The Red Cross also collects, stores, and distributes blood through the coordination of blood drives throughout the country. In 2005, the American Red Cross provided millions of dollars of aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Red Cross shelters, transportation, medicine, and food saved and improved thousands of lives in the Gulf States. The American Red Cross is one of many branches of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The United Way is a collection of non-profit organizations that provides aid to those in need. Over a thousand United Ways collect donations and distribute them to hundreds of charities around the country. United Ways assist Americans in a variety of programs. They help provide children with health insurance and dental care, create programs to combat teen pregnancy, and help prepare young children for school. The unique United Way 2-1-1 program allows callers to dial 2-1-1 on their telephones to access information about community resources such as food banks or employment centers.
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