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street sign warning of neighborhood watch
These signs are common in neighborhoods that participate in neighborhood watch programs.
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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch programs help decrease crime through community volunteers who monitor their neighborhoods and report crimes to the police. To create a Neighborhood Watch program, concerned community members must contact the National Sheriffs’ Association or their local police departments to acquire training for volunteers. Neighborhood Watch programs differ according to the needs of the community. Some communities may seek to reduce vandalism, while others may seek to reduce burglaries. Many programs teach residents how to better secure their houses, how to identify possible crimes, and how to confront intruders. For example, a trained volunteer who sees a suspicious car driving at night without headlights, will report the car’s license number, color, make, and the direction the car traveled to the police. Neighborhood Watch programs have existed in the United States since colonial times. Thousands of these programs are found throughout the United States and significantly reduce neighborhood crime. Many would-be criminals are deterred just by the presence of a Neighborhood Watch sign. The National Night Out is an important event that takes place annually in many cities on the first Tuesday in August. On this night, volunteers and local law enforcement agencies hold block parties and parades to encourage community involvement and to educate residents about making their neighborhood safe.
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