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A family gathers in front of an outdoor grill
Family Celebrations
Family Celebrations
  1. Birthdays
  2. The Tooth Fairy
  3. Baptisms
  4. La Quinceanera
  5. Driver’s License
  6. Bar Mitzvah
  7. Apache Sunrise Ceremonial
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small boys with birthday cake
Children celebrating a birthday with a party and a big birthday cake.
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Birthdays are often exciting and much-awaited occasions for Americans. Many Americans, especially children, celebrate their day of birth at birthday parties. Friends, family, and classmates join the birthday boy or girl for tasty birthday cake and fun activities at these annual parties. The birthday cake usually has enough candles to represent the child’s new age. After everyone sings “Happy Birthday,” the celebrant makes a wish and then blows out all of the candles. Wishes must remain a secret to come true. Birthday parties may take place at a person’s home, at a restaurant, at a roller rink, or maybe at a swimming pool. Those attending the party normally bring a gift for the person who is having the birthday. Sometimes the guests are given small gifts or “goody bags” to take home.
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