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Agricultural Industry
Agricultural Industry
  1. Who Farms in the United States?
  2. Farm efficiency in the United States
  3. Agricultural Subsidies
  4. Minorities as Farm Operators
  5. Food for Peace Program
  6. Biotechnology and Farming in the United States
  7. Growth of Large Corporate Farming
  8. Farm Aid
  9. Factory Farming
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Two African American men stand by a green tractor.
Two African American farmers with a John Deere tractor.
Photo Courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Minorities as Farm Operators
The number of African-American farmers has declined at a rate three times greater than that of white farmers. African-Americans now make up less than 1% of the nation’s farmers. For years, African-American farmers said that discrimination against them in loan programs by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was a major reason for the disappearance of African-American farmers. Without easy access to the low interest government farm loans that white farmers received, many African-American farmers were forced out of business. In 1997, African American farmers filed a class action lawsuit against the USDA demanding compensation from the government. The USDA admitted that there had been discrimination against African-American farmers and offered them cash payments and remission of any loans they had. Click on PICTURES below to see a photo of an African American man tending his crops. Click on CHARTS and MAPS below for additional information about minority farm workers.
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