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Agricultural Industry
Agricultural Industry
  1. Who Farms in the United States?
  2. Farm efficiency in the United States
  3. Agricultural Subsidies
  4. Minorities as Farm Operators
  5. Food for Peace Program
  6. Biotechnology and Farming in the United States
  7. Growth of Large Corporate Farming
  8. Farm Aid
  9. Factory Farming
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Hundreds of chicken crowded into a low building.
Chickens at a modern factory farm.
Courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.
Factory Farming
More and more chickens and hogs are being raised on large-scale farms called "factory farms." Those who say that this type of farming is cruel to the animals and very harmful to the environment use the term. On these farms, overcrowding of animals is common and animal waste runoff is blamed for contaminating rivers, streams and groundwater. Click on PICTURES below to see an additional photo of chickens at a modern factory farm.
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