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Farm Crops
  1. Organic Farming in the United States
  2. Farm Mechanization in the United States
  3. Major Crops in the United States
  4. Major U.S. Crops: Corn
  5. Major U.S. Crops: Wheat
  6. Major U.S. Crops: Soybeans
  7. Major U.S. Crops: Cotton
  8. Planting and Harvesting Cotton
  9. Major U.S. Crops: Rice
  10. How Rice Is Grown in the United States
  11. Dairy Farming in the United States
  12. Raising Cattle for Beef
  13. Poultry and Meat Production in the United States
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Fields surround several white farm buildings.
A typical large American farm. The tall white structure is a silo where grain is stored.
Photo Courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture. Photo by Scott Bauer.
Major Crops in the United States
Corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, and hay account for 90% of harvested acreage in the United States. Corn, wheat, and soybeans are grown for both animal feed and human consumption. Cotton is used to make clothing and other products. Hay is grass or other plants such as alfalfa or clover that are dried and used for animal feed. Click on PICTURES below to see an additional photo of a farm family compound. Click on CHARTS below for additional information about crops.
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