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Farm Crops
  1. Organic Farming in the United States
  2. Farm Mechanization in the United States
  3. Major Crops in the United States
  4. Major U.S. Crops: Corn
  5. Major U.S. Crops: Wheat
  6. Major U.S. Crops: Soybeans
  7. Major U.S. Crops: Cotton
  8. Planting and Harvesting Cotton
  9. Major U.S. Crops: Rice
  10. How Rice Is Grown in the United States
  11. Dairy Farming in the United States
  12. Raising Cattle for Beef
  13. Poultry and Meat Production in the United States
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A man holds a chicken while he checks its wing.
Farmer checking a chicken raised in a poultry house.
Photo Courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture. Photo by Rob Flynn.
Poultry and Meat Production in the United States
Poultry and meat make up the largest part of the agricultural economy in the United States, with annual sales estimated at around 100 billion dollars. The average American eats around 235 pounds (107kg) of meat a year. Since 1980, chicken production and consumption have steadily increased. Americans now eat more chicken than beef or pork. Click on CHARTS and MAPS below for additional information about poultry and meat.
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