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Three cheeseburgers
Eating Habits
  1. Soybean Consumption in the US
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cover of cookbook with tofu and tomato dish
This popular soybean cook book provides tasty recipes for cooking with soybeans.
Photo couresy of the United Soybean Board.
Soybean Consumption in the US
More Americans are eating soy and soy products than ever before. Soy has many vitamins, is high in protein, and has no cholesterol. Americans eat soy in tofu, in special soy hot dogs or hamburgers, in soymilk, and in soybeans called edamame. It is not unusual to see edamame on a menu at a restaurant or for sale at the grocery store or even at convenience stores. These beans are a tasty and healthy food to snack on. Soy in the form of tofu (which is made from soymilk) and tempeh (which is made from whole soybeans) are often used by vegetarians as a healthy and tasty meat substitute. Soy sauce, more properly called shoyu, is used as a flavor enhancer, both during cooking and after. Americans sometimes eat soy without even knowing it! Soy-based oils and fats are often used to add protein or thickness to many of our favorite foods, such as ice cream, candy, and energy bars. Even though, for the most part, soy is a healthy food, the type of soy used in these foods is not particularly good for us.
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