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School Life
School Life
  1. School Lunch Program
  2. School Uniforms and Dress Codes
  3. Student Government
  4. Field Trips
  5. School Performances
  6. Senior Class Trip
  7. High School Sports
  8. Getting to and From School
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Student government candidates, such as these elementary schoolers, often give speeches to their classmates.
Photo Courtesy of The Charger, student newspaper of Peacock Middle School. Photo by Valerie K.
Student Government
Almost all high schools have student governments. Most student governments, or student councils as they are commonly called, consist of a president, vice- president, treasurer, secretary, and grade representatives, sometimes called class representatives or class senators. The roles of the officers and functions of the government are spelled out in a student government constitution. These constitutions can be quite elaborate and often include guidelines and procedures for running campaigns, elections, and student council meetings. Student governments also have faculty advisors who help guide the students in carrying out their responsibilities. Student governments usually concern themselves with issues that affect student life, such as social events like dances or school activities. But student governments also try to involve students in bigger issues as well, such as fund-raising for charities. Students sometimes complain that their government has no real power, and that many students run for office because it looks good on a college application. How much real power a student government has depends on the school administration. Some schools let student governments have a limited say in creating school policies. For example, some student councils have worked to rid schools of soda machines and to bring about better, healthier school meals.
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