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Education System
Educational System
  1. Public Schools
  2. Private Schools
  3. Distance Learning
  4. Home Schooling
  5. Special Education
  6. Preschool and Head Start
  7. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  8. Tracking
  9. Semester and Quarter System
  10. Busing
  11. Different Kinds of Public Schools
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This private school is a rural educational alternative community school for grades 7-12.
Photo Courtesy of REACH School.
Private Schools
Over 6 million American students attend private schools. Many different types of private schools exist in America today. Most private schools are religious and require religious courses as part of their curriculum. Parents choose to send their children to private schools for many reasons. Some parents choose private schools for religious reasons. Some may feel these schools are safer or more challenging than public schools. Statistics show that private schools usually have fewer students in a class than public schools, which many parents prefer. In addition, private school students are more likely to score higher on achievement tests and are more likely to finish a bachelor’s degree than public school students. However, private schools charge tuition, sometimes very expensive tuition. Depending on the school, tuition may be as high as $15,000 per school year. The government rarely provides funds to private schools, but a few of these schools do receive federal assistance for student transportation and textbooks. In 1925, the United States Supreme Court ruled that private schools are protected under the United States Constitution. However, as with public schools, each state is responsible for private school regulations such as curriculum, safety, and teacher training. Today, about 23% of America’s schools are private schools.
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