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School Year
School Year
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Boy and girl in formal clothes, wearing crowns.
Students accept flowers after being named homecoming King and Queen.
Photo Courtesy of iCrew Digital Photo. Photo by Ricardo Diaz, Jr.
The biggest extracurricular school event of the fall semester, in most American high schools and universities, is homecoming weekend. It is called homecoming because graduates come back “home” to their school take part in different events, such as dances and class reunions. Although there are many activities involved in homecoming, the focal point is almost always a sporting event, usually a football game. Prior to the homecoming game, many high schools hold a pep rally. The point of a pep rally is to build “pep” or energy for the big game. During a pep rally, the entire student body, as well as teachers, and coaches, all gather in the school gym to build school spirit and to cheer on the team. The principal or football coach usually introduces the team, who are dressed in their uniforms. The cheerleaders lead everyone in cheers that they hope will inspire the team to play hard and win the big game. Before homecoming, students vote for homecoming king and queen and their attendants. During half-time at the football game, the elected royal court is introduced to the crowd in a formal ceremony. The highlight is the crowning of the homecoming queen.
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