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  1. 台風後の日本を助けたアメリカの豚
  2. 太平洋を横断したリンゴ
  3. リンゴと国際関係
  4. リンゴと国際親善
  5. 日本のミカンと薩摩オレンジ
  6. ミカンと貿易摩擦
  7. 世界を家庭に運ぶスーパーマーケット
  8. 買い物の仕方の違い
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Virtualy reality view of an aisle in a supermarket
Japanese supermarkets carry many of the same items as American ones. Click on the Audio-Video link below to explore the supermarket in virtual reality
Supermarkets Bring the World Home
Supermarkets in both Japan and the United States carry food products from around the world. Japanese supermarkets are often smaller than American ones, but in crowded urban areas they sometimes spread over two floors to make room for more goods. American supermarkets now carry many Japanese food products, and Japanese supermarkets carry many American ones. American supermarkets are now following the Japanese pattern of offering many kinds of prepared foods in single servings that can be taken home and heated in the microwave for a quick meal. Click on the Audio-Video link below to explore a Japanese supermarket in virtual reality.
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