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  1. 日本車の輸出拡大が国家間問題に
  2. 自動車産業の国際化、多国籍化
  3. 日本式生産方式を取り入れたアメリカの自動車会社
  4. 自動車産業と環境
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A man standing in front of his car, in a field
This car is a Honda Insight, with a gas-electric hybrid engine.
Photo Courtesy of Liam Quinn.
The Auto Industry and the Environment
Environmental concerns have prompted the U.S. government to push the auto industry to continue efforts to reduce harmful emissions and improve cars’ fuel economy. Both American and Japanese companies are producing hybrid car models, which combine a gasoline-powered combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor. Hybrid cars have good gas-mileage, and some models get 20 to 30 more miles to the gallon (9-13 km/liter) than traditional cars. Research is being conducted on fuel-cell-powered vehicles. If successful, such vehicles could eliminate environmentally-harmful exhaust emissions.
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