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  1. 日本の暦
  2. 六曜
  3. 松の内と小正月(1月)
  4. 節分(2月3日)
  5. バレンタインデー(2月14日)
  6. ひな祭り(3月3日)
  7. ホワイトデー(3月14日)
  8. 花見シーズン(3月-4月)
  9. 端午の節句(5月5日)
  10. 母の日(5月の第二日曜日)
  11. 父の日(6月の第三日曜日)
  12. 七夕(7月7日)
  13. 暑中見舞い
  14. お中元
  15. お盆
  16. 七五三(11月15日)
  17. クリスマス(12月25日)
  18. お歳暮
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Neon signs and brightly lit Christmas trees illuminate a Tokyo street
Christmas lights along the street in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Photo Courtesy Takashi Abe.
Christmas Day (December 25)
Although the Christian population of Japan is smaller than that of the nations of Europe or America, Christmas is still a big event in Japan. Department stores have Christmas sales in addition to the year-end sales, and retailers display decorations featuring Christmas trees or Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, many people go home with Christmas cakes in boxes. In Japan, the religious significance of Christmas is not prevalent. Rather, this is a day for people to exchange presents and celebrate with a Christmas cake or a dinner at restaurant, regardless of their religion. While Europeans and Americans tend to celebrate Christmas with members of their extended families, Japanese usually spend Christmas celebrating with their immediate families, or going on a special date with a romantic partner.
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