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  1. 札幌雪まつり(北海道札幌市)
  2. 青森ねぶた(青森県青森市)
  3. 隅田川花火大会(東京都)
  4. 高山祭(岐阜県高山市)
  5. はだか祭り(愛知県稲沢市)
  6. 若草山の山焼き(奈良県奈良市)
  7. 祇園祭(京都府京都市)
  8. 阿波踊り(徳島県徳島市)
  9. よさこい祭り(高知県高知市)
  10. 長崎くんち(長崎県長崎市)
  11. エイサー祭り(沖縄県沖縄市)
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Areal view of hundreds of men in loincloths passing under a Torii gate
Wearing nothing but undergarments, men gather at the shrine grounds for a Hadaka Festival.
Photo Courtesy of Kōnomiya.
Naked (Hadaka) Festival (Inazawa City, Aichi)
One of Japan’s most extraordinary festivals is the Kōnomiya Shrine Hadaka Festival. Every year on the thirteenth day of the first month of the old lunar calendar, which falls sometime during the first ten days of February according to the Gregorian calendar, this festival occurs. At the height of winter, several thousand men, wearing only a loincloth, gather at the shrine to drive away misfortune. The event is formally called Naoishinji and is related to the Setsubun rituals. On this day, in the afternoon, men clad in loincloths holding bamboo grass tied with strips of cloth with written wishes, rush towards the shrine while shouting along with others in their various groups. Once the men have gathered at the shrine, one designated man, known as the shinotoko, appears. The shinotoko, who is completely naked, bears the duty of being burdened with the misfortune of any man who touches his body. The men in loincloths lunge toward the naked shinotoko’s body and crush around him hoping to shed their ill fortunes. After that, carrying the misfortunes of many men, the shinotoko enters the shrine and purifies his body.
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