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  1. 3学期制
  2. 入学式と始業式、終業式
  3. 遠足と修学旅行
  4. 教育実習生
  5. 高校野球(7、8月)
  6. 夏休み
  7. 体育祭
  8. 文化祭
  9. 受験シーズン
  10. 卒業式
  11. 授業参観
  12. 家庭訪問/三者面談
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Student Teachers
For college students hoping to become school teachers, the student teaching experience is invaluable. Usually in their last year of college, student teachers will spend a week to two weeks in the level of school where they want to teach. Because the student teachers are comparatively young and the fact that they are not the usual teacher makes them very popular among the students, almost more like an older sister or brother than a teacher. These student teachers will spend the time with a regular teacher, learning from him or her and interacting with the students. At the end of their time in the school, these student teachers have the opportunity to teach a class of their own in their area of specialty and have other teachers in the school critique them and give them advice. The student teacher in such situations is understandably nervous, and the students will often behave better in order to try and help the student teacher in his or her lesson. Sometimes a student teacher will remain in contact with a class and even take part in class activities after the official student teacher period has ended.
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