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  1. 産業部門でみる日本の労働人口
  2. 日本の男女が働く業種
  3. 戦後の日本における基幹産業復興政策
  4. 日本の造船業
  5. 鉱業:衰退する産業
  6. 産業政策と不況産業
  7. 消費財産業
  8. 日本経済における中小企業
  9. 大企業と中小企業のつながり
  10. 日本の電気機械工業
  11. 日本の自動車産業の始まり
  12. 自動車産業の発展と自動車の輸出
  13. 日本の携帯電話産業
  14. コンピューターゲーム産業
  15. 買い物の習慣と小売店
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Steam train passing man made mountain from coal mining
A train passes by "bota yama," a man made mountain of dirt removed from a coal mine. After the mine closed, the mountain remained.
Photo Courtesy of Yoshihiko Kawaguchi.
Industrial Policy and Depressed Industries
Under the national industrial policies coordinated and developed by MITI, Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry, certain industries were identified as less important for Japan’s future. Companies agreed to phase out these industries in return for government assistance to move into other industries with greater potential. The government passed two laws in 1977, the Temporary Measures for Workers Displaced from Specific Depressed Areas and the Temporary Relief Law for Workers Displaced from Specific Depressed Industries. Companies were required to consult with their labor unions and develop plans to help displaced workers find new jobs.Miners displaced by the mine closings received assistance from programs developed in the 1970s to assist workers in depressed industries. Some who were employed directly by the major mine companies were able to move to other jobs in the same companies. Others received some assistance for retraining. Workers employed by subcontractors in the mining industry lost their jobs before those working directly for the large mine companies. They received less assistance and had more difficulty finding other employment.In the 1980s, the government developed additional programs to assist areas that were depressed because of the decline of their primary industry. One of the main remedies was to try to develop tourism as a new industry.
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