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  1. 産業部門でみる日本の労働人口
  2. 日本の男女が働く業種
  3. 戦後の日本における基幹産業復興政策
  4. 日本の造船業
  5. 鉱業:衰退する産業
  6. 産業政策と不況産業
  7. 消費財産業
  8. 日本経済における中小企業
  9. 大企業と中小企業のつながり
  10. 日本の電気機械工業
  11. 日本の自動車産業の始まり
  12. 自動車産業の発展と自動車の輸出
  13. 日本の携帯電話産業
  14. コンピューターゲーム産業
  15. 買い物の習慣と小売店
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A girl stands on a sidewalk while pushing buttons on her cell phone
A student hairstylist uses a cell phone in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Photo from Japanese Streets and Photo by Kjeld Duits.
The Mobile Telephone Industry
Japan’s mobile telephone industry has grown dramatically since the early 1980s. The number of cell phones in Japan has grown from 40,000 in 1984 to 71.6 million in 2002. In addition, there are about 5.7 million subscribers to PHS technology phones, which use a different system of transmitting signals. One unusual feature of Japan’s mobile phone use is that more than three-quarters of mobile phones have internet access. This is the primary form of internet access for many people. The very high rate of mobile phone use in Japan has led to reduced use of conventional telephone service. Conventional phone service subscriptions peaked in 1995 at 61 million phones, but by 2001 this had dropped about 17 percent, to 50 million subscriptions.
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