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  1. 婦人参政権の導入
  2. 特需景気と女性労働者
  3. 女性雇用者の増加
  4. アメリカンスタイルと洋裁の流行
  5. パートタイムで働く女性たち
  6. 女性と農業
  7. 海女
  8. 結婚退職・男女別定年
  9. オフィス・レディ
  10. 二分化された女性職:一般職と総合職
  11. 働く女性に関する法律
  12. セクシュアルハラスメント
  13. 出生率の低下と働く女性
  14. 夫婦別姓
  15. 女性の多い職種
  16. 「強い」女性たち:警察と自衛隊
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Woman farmer under a kiwi tree, holding a kiwi
A female farm owner checks a kiwi fruit.
Photo Courtesy of Ito Agricultural Extension Center.
Women and Agriculture
In Japan, where small family farms have been dominant, women have traditionally been major participants in agriculture. As the number of farmfamilies whose members worked in other jobs increased, women took on more of the burden of family farming. As the term “san-chan nōgyō” indicates, the operation of farms shifted to a pattern in which the father of the family works at a company, while the grandfather, grandmother and the mother all farm. Women are often reluctant to marry into a farming household because they dislike the heavy farm work, and because of the conservative social relationships in rural areas. For many farming villages, a shortage of brides has become a serious problem.On the other hand, as mechanization has lightened the burden of farm work and as the computer and Internet have spread to rural areas, more and more women are starting new businesses using local agricultural products. Click CHART to see the shift in entrepreneurship among rural women.
言葉の説明:  farm household  |  sanchan nōgyō, sanchan nogyo, santyan nôgyô, sanchan nougyou

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