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  1. 婦人参政権の導入
  2. 特需景気と女性労働者
  3. 女性雇用者の増加
  4. アメリカンスタイルと洋裁の流行
  5. パートタイムで働く女性たち
  6. 女性と農業
  7. 海女
  8. 結婚退職・男女別定年
  9. オフィス・レディ
  10. 二分化された女性職:一般職と総合職
  11. 働く女性に関する法律
  12. セクシュアルハラスメント
  13. 出生率の低下と働く女性
  14. 夫婦別姓
  15. 女性の多い職種
  16. 「強い」女性たち:警察と自衛隊
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Women diving under water
Ama collecting seaweed around the Island of Shikine, 1950.
Photo from Mainichi Shimbun.
Ama (Female Diver)
While women participated in new occupations, some traditional occupations have continued to be passed down through families. The occupation of ama is one of them. Ama are women who skin-dive in the ocean to catch fish, and collect clams, pearl oysters, and seaweed. They can be found on islands and shores in various parts of Japan. The ama have a long history and they were described in the Manyōshū, an ancient book of Japanese poetry that was edited in the eighth century. It is said that ama stay under the water for about fifty seconds, but some can dive for more than a minute. Ama start diving as teenage girls, and many continue diving past the age of seventy. Ama used to dive wearing only a cotton cloth wrapped around their hips, but nowadays they dive wearing cotton shirts or wetsuits.
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