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A group of students in costume on stage
High school student drama performances are often highlights in the school year.
Photo from St. Francis High School.
School Performances
Many students take elective courses that require that them to perform for the student body and general public at different times throughout the school year. These courses include band, orchestra, chorus, dance, and drama or theater arts. Students involved in music courses usually perform for the student body at special school assemblies, especially towards the end of the fall and spring semesters, as well as performing in evening concerts for the general public around the same time. Depending on the size of a school’s theater department, drama students might put on several plays during the school year. Most American high schools put on a “school play” during the spring semester. Roles in the school play are open to all students, not just drama students. Students who want to act in the school play audition for the part they want to play. The annual school play is usually a big production that needs a large number of students to act, to design and build sets, to operate lighting, to work in the box office, and to promote the play. Broadway musicals are very popular as high school productions because they involve many students in the performance and production process.
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