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  1. 夏時間
  2. 納税日(4月15日)
  3. 娘と息子を職場に連れて行く日
  4. 秘書の日
  5. ボスの日
  6. 職場のクリスマスパーティ
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A man and two women holding flowers
Two women who won awards on Secretary's Day for their excellent service.
Photo from MGH Website.
Secretary’s Day (Last Wednesday in April)
Secretary’s Day was created in 1952 to recognize secretaries for their contributions to the workplace and to encourage more women to work as secretaries. The effort to establish the day was joint one by an organization for professional secretaries and a public relations executive. Secretary’s Day, now also known as Administrative Professionals Day, is observed on the last Wednesday in April. Administrative Professionals Week falls on the last week of April. By the year 2000, the professional organization for secretaries and a growing segment of the business world had replaced the title “secretary” with “administrative professional”. The name change reflected the increased duties of those in the field. As a result, Secretary’s Day became Administrative Professionals Day (though many people still know it by its former name). The event is celebrated by bosses giving gifts of appreciation to their secretaries or administrative assistants or by making it possible for them to attend educational events or events with fellow professionals in their field.
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