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  1. 社会保障と退職
  2. 退職年齢と社会保障
  3. 家で仕事をする人々
  4. 長くなっている退職後の人生
  5. 雇用傾向
  6. アメリカ国内の外国人労働者
  7. アメリカにおけるメキシコ人労働者
  8. 労働安全基準
  9. 職場における負傷や死亡
  10. 大規模企業農場の発展
  11. アメリカの労働組合組織率
  12. 働く女性に関する法律
  13. アメリカにおける労働協約
  14. 労働権法
  15. アメリカにおける公務員労働組合
  16. 失業保険
  17. 雇用機会の均等に関する法律
  18. 労働者の補償
  19. 農業雇用における最低年齢
  20. 職場における未成年者
  21. 最低賃金
  22. 障害者の雇用
  23. アメリカにおける主な雇用機会均等に関する法律
  24. サービス産業における雇用
  25. 失業
  26. 州独自の労働者補償法
  27. 失業中の生活
  28. 最低賃金と貧困
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Women speaking for equal pay at an outdoor rally
Eleanor Holmes-Norton speaking at an Equal Pay Day rally in Washington, DC.
Photo Courtesy of the National Organizational for Women.
Equal Opportunity Employment Laws
Over the last fifty years, the United States Congress passed a number of federal equal opportunity laws designed to end employment discrimination. Congress also created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1964 to enforce these laws. Equal opportunity laws forbid discrimination against a person based on gender, race, ancestry, birthplace, culture, age, disability, religious practices, or language characteristics common to their ethnic group. These laws also prohibit sexual harassment, which includes requests for sexual favors or conditions “that create a hostile environment for persons of either gender.” In addition to federal laws, many states have enacted laws that outlaw employment discrimination and harassment based on marital status, political affiliation, and sexual orientation. Anyone who thinks they have been a victim of employment discrimination may file a charge with the EEOC. When a charge of discrimination is filed, the EEOC investigates the matter. If the EEOC finds that discrimination did occur, it will work with the employer to remedy the problem. Some of the “remedies” that the EEOC might insist on include hiring, back pay, reinstatement, or promotion. In some cases, individuals may also file a lawsuit in civil court if they have been harmed by discrimination.
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