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A basketball, just at the moment before it enters the hoop.
Sports Year
  1. Fishing
  2. High School Sports
  3. Hunting season
  4. American Football
  5. Basketball
  6. Stockcar Racing
  7. Baseball
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Two boys and man wearing orange vests holding guns
Many fathers and sons will go hunting together.
Photo Courtesy of Arizona Sportsman's Journal.
Hunting season
Each year millions of Americans eagerly await hunting season. Each state sets its own season—the dates between which hunters are allowed to hunt a certain animal. Some of the animals hunted include big game, such as deer, elk, moose or bear; small game, such as rabbits or squirrels; and migratory birds, such as ducks and geese.Perhaps the most anticipated hunting season is deer season, which begins in the fall. In many states, especially in rural areas, hunters take vacation from work and school on the first day of deer season.Each state issues its own hunting regulations. Age requirements vary from state to state. Only twenty-three states have minimum age requirements for children using guns to hunt big game like deer. Sixteen of those states require the child to be at lest 12 years old.
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