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  1. The Changing Japanese Diet
  2. What Dairy Products Do Japanese Eat?
  3. Soy in Japanese Food
  4. ‘O-cha’: Tea in Japan
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A woman smiles while eating an ice cream bar.
Japanese like ice cream.
Photo Courtesy of the Japan Forum. Photo by Yuka Fukuma.
What Dairy Products Do Japanese Eat?
Japanese eat more dairy products today than they did thirty or forty years ago. They still eat and drink much less dairy food than Americans and Europeans, because dairy products were not part of the traditional Japanese diet. Japanese children drink milk, and both children and adults like ice cream. They spread butter on their bread, put cream in their coffee, and eat cheese on their pizza. Japanese housewives do not use dairy products very much in cooking, but some dairy products are used by restaurants and bakeries serving western style foods.
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